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Please follow the steps to configure the SonarQube with your Linux local environment.

Open your VS-Code, and install the SonarLint extension.

It is a zero-dependency module that loads dynamic environment configurations from a .env.config file, and process it as environment variables into process.env

Are there any applications running without depending on environment variables? I don’t think so — Environment based configurations are an essential requirement when you deal with one or more environments.

How many environments do you have right now for your application? Usually, most of us will have a development environment…

Google Summer of Code 2018 — Final Report

I am very excited to work with OpenMRS once again through this year Google Summer of Code(GSoC). Yes, I was selected to work on a project called Location Based access control in OpenMRS under the guidance of Daniel Kayiwa.

A little bit about OpenMRS

OpenMRS is an open source platform which enables the design of…

Week 12 [July 31, 2018 — Aug 06, 2018]

Now the time to add more locations restrictions to the OpenMRS services and Metadata. OpenMRS Service methods are directly accessing the data access object(DAO) to get from the database. So I wanted to add the location restrictions to the following service's methods as the first step,

  1. PatientService Methods — Contains…

Week 11 [July 24, 2018 — July 30, 2018]

Yes, now the time to say Goodbye to the location selector from the OpenMRS Login screen. Just log in with your login credentials such as username and password only!

The actual OpenMRS login page contains the location selector with the login credentials section to assign the users to the location…

Week 10[ July 17, 2018 — July 23, 2018]

Assigning the Location to the patient almost done and it’s working as expected. So as the next milestone, I have started to work on assigning the location to the users during the registration process.

Users can be registered from the Manage…

Week 9 [ July 10, 2018 — July 16, 2018]

According to the Google Summer of Code 2018, Last week was the second evaluations period. So we all need to complete that evaluation within the end of that week to pass the Google Summer of Code program.

Along with the…

Week 8 [Jul 03, 2018 — July 09, 2018]

I have successfully completed the following tasks and the pull requests were merged with the main repository.

  1. LBAC-4 : Create basic module structure for the project
  2. LBAC-3 : Assign patients to locations on registration

And started to work on LBAC-5 : Allow to edit the patient’s locations through the patient…

Week 7 [Jun 26, 2018 — July 02, 2018]

While working on assigning the locations for the users, there was a problem with adding the location attributes for existing users who haven’t location attribute. So I need to provide a way to assign the locations for existing users.

No one…

Week 6 [June 19, 2018 — June 25, 2018]

After a very deep and large code review on my pull request, I was able to conclude my works on Assigning Locations for Patients task.

Every day, My mentor provides some new comments and reviews for my changes and helped me…

Kailayapathy Suthagar

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS

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