It is a zero-dependency module that loads dynamic environment configurations from a .env.config file, and process it as environment variables into process.env

Are there any applications running without depending on environment variables? I don’t think so — Environment based configurations are an essential requirement when you deal with one or more environments.

How many environments do you have right now for your application? Usually, most of us will have a development environment…

Week 11 [July 24, 2018 — July 30, 2018]

Yes, now the time to say Goodbye to the location selector from the OpenMRS Login screen. Just log in with your login credentials such as username and password only!

The actual OpenMRS login page contains the location selector with the login credentials section to assign the users to the location…

Kailayapathy Suthagar

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS

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