Allow users to edit the patient location through the patient dashboard

Week 8 [Jul 03, 2018 — July 09, 2018]

I have successfully completed the following tasks and the pull requests were merged with the main repository.

  1. LBAC-4 : Create basic module structure for the project
  2. LBAC-3 : Assign patients to locations on registration

And started to work on LBAC-5 : Allow to edit the patient’s locations through the patient dashboard. The user can assign the locations to the patient through the patient registration dashboard. Since there is no way to edit the patient location directly. So we decided to provide an action method which can be triggered from the patient dashboard to edit the patient location.

There will be a link called “Edit Patient Location”, listed in the General Actions section in the patient dashboard. The user can click that link to edit the patient location attribute. When he enters to the edit location section,

  • The existing location value will be selected by default if the patient already contains a location attribute
  • The session location will be selected by default if the patient doesn’t contain a location attribute.

The edit location section will be useful for these reasons,

  1. To switch the patient location from one location to another location
  2. To assign the patient location for the existing patients

You can follow this talk forum to get more discussions about this section since I faced some issues while working on this sample.

After this ticket, I started to work on these following tickets,

  1. LBAC-7 : Select the session location as default to the fragment location selector.
  2. LBAC-8 : Failed to filer the patients who listed in the findPatients page before searching.

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS