How to create your First OWA in OpenMRS

OpenMRS Reference application Login Screen
Installed Open Web Apps Module(Current version 1.7)

Make sure that your environment is configured with npm(Neutral Process Mechanism).

Installation progress of the Yeoman dependencies.
Installation progress of the Yeoman OpenMRS Open web app generator

a. App Name : Enter your OWA name which will represent your OWA in all
b. App Description : Enter a little bit description about your OWA and it will represent your app in the Module directory.
c. Libraries : Here you can select jQuery, Angular (version 1), and React for your development. Make sure to use your Keyboard up and down buttons or 1– 4 numbers in your keypad to select the Libraries.
d. Server Type : Select your running server type of OpenMRS.
e. GitHub username : It will represent you as the creator of this OWA in the project.

Project creation using Yeoman Open Web app creator
Project Structure of the Open Web App which was created through the Yeoman
Inside the app folder in your OWA project.
The Project has been zipped using “npm run build:prod” command
File Structure inside the OWA ZIP file
Upload App package section under the Manage Open Web Apps module

First Login to the OpenMRS and go to System Administration then go to Advanced Administration and then Click Manage apps under Open Web Apps.

List of OWA in the Manage Apps section
Sample OWA developed using Angular 1



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