Second Evaluations — Google Summer of Code 2018

Week 9 [ July 10, 2018 — July 16, 2018]

According to the Google Summer of Code 2018, Last week was the second evaluations period. So we all need to complete that evaluation within the end of that week to pass the Google Summer of Code program.

Along with the OpenMRS, I need to prepare a Video Presentation which carries the project information and demonstrations of my project. Have a look at my video presentations to get an abstract view of my GSoC project :-)

Project Implementation

Last week, I faced an issue with the Daemon threads in OpenMRS. There are few Daemon threads which are working in the background to carry some workloads of the OpenMRS and those are doing some works like,

  1. Manage the schedule works and perform the actions
  2. Clean the reports from the instance memory
  3. Collect the patient view information and recent encounters

Since the Daemon thread is common for the whole system, OpenMRS defined a Daemon thread user who can work like an actual user to get approval from the OpenMRS access controls. But the Daemon thread user was fixed to create with a given user UUID.

So when the location based access control module tried to catch those requests from the Daemon thread user, it can’t identify the location information for the user. So it blocked the response and send the null response instead of the actual response. So the daemon thread component failed to collect the recent patient view information and the recent encounters.

After some discussions with my mentor Daniel and backup mentor Wyclif, we have decided to skip the location restrictions for the Daemon thread user. So I have added the fixes for those issues and completed that work. Please refer this discussion if you need more information,

Then I have worked to add the location information to the patient dashboard. The users without administrator privilege couldn’t access the patients from other locations. So they can identify the patient location from the OpenMRS header. But the System Administrator can handle the patients from all locations. So he need the location information for the patients in the Patient dashboard. The final view will be like this,

And then, I have worked on these followin tickets as well,

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS

Software Engineer @ Sysco Labs, Google Summer of Code Intern @ OpenMRS